Aušra Mlinkauskienė

@ Kaunas University of Technology

– Aušra is an Associate Professor and Lecturer in Kaunas Technological University (KTU) Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, where she is also a Director of Architecture and Heritage studies. She participates in a number of scientific, practical and academical fields: scientific feasibility studies, practical use of the buildings, cultural landscape and heritage research. Her scientific results are published in many reviewed and internationally acknowledged scientific journals and conferences. Aušra`s main groups of interest are preservation and research of landscape values, protection of built heritage, changes in its physical status and value, urban and territorial planning, landscape management of protected areas. In 2013 Aušra has received the official certificate of heritage expert. She is reviewing the scientific publications and study works, organising scientific conferences, has a membership in board of scientific journal and participates in international scientific and research events.